StyleCraft New England Custom Louvered Wood Shutters - Traditional Style w/Horns

StyleCraft Economy Louvered Wooden Shutters
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StyleCraft New England Collection
Price: $228.42  /  Pair
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* * * Custom Shutters may NOT be Returned * * *
  • Made in USA  Made in America
  • Suitable for decorative or operational use
  • Optional decorative beading on the side stiles
  • Made from natural California cedar
  • Wood harvested from sustainable managed forests
  • Kiln dried for superior warp resistance
  • Available top cap for maximum weather protection
  • Choice of 3 louver sizes
  • High quality construction
  • Hand sanded finishing
  • Above average paint holding ability
  • Lower maintenance than other types of wood shutters
  • Resists termites
  • Low moisture absorption
  • 1 year limited warranty
The traditional style of louvered shutters from the StyleCraft™ New England Collection are great for restoring historical New England homes, but is also the perfect finishing touch for contemporary home styles. This 50/50 louvered design is built to be strong and provides the greatest resistance to racking in any fully functional shutter installation, particularly on larger shutters requiring 3 or more hinges.

The New England Collection from StyleCraft™ is unique in that it is a top quality shutter at an affordable price. This wooden shutter collection is focused on keeping costs down by limiting the range of options available and maximizing the volume of exterior wood shutters that can be built. This line of exterior shutter is of higher quality than most on the market, but with a price that is very competitive.

Being that these exterior shutters are made from natural wood, the sides and bottom can be cut using a table saw to create custom sizes. Up to 7/16" can be trimmed from each side and up to 1" can be trimmed from the bottom. Trimming the top rail is not recommended and going beyond these limits may weaken the shutters.

Mounting hardware not included.
Center Mid Rail
The traditional style shutter is designed with the historical authenticity of the previous era and is still the most popular configuration of exterior shutter. The mid rail is placed as close to the center of the shutter as possible, with the same number of louvers on the top and the bottom. If you should happen to order a shutter size that requires an odd number of louvers, the extra louver will be placed in the bottom section. Note that the varying heights of the top rail, bottom rail, and/or louvers mean that the mid rail won't necessarily be placed at exactly 50% of the total shutter height.

Louver Height

You have your choice of louver size to create a custom look for your wood shutters instead of just settling for what is available. Choose 1 1/4" louvers for the most common size, 1 3/4" louvers for a stronger, more contemporary look, or the 2 1/4" louvers for a definite plantation shutter feel. The 1 1/4" louvers are made 1/4" thick and the 1 3/4" and 2 1/4" louvers are a full 3/8" thick, ensuring high strength and maximum warp resistance.

Optional Decorative Beading

You have a choice of having the shutters made with beaded side stiles or simply flush.

Decorative beading on exterior wooden shutters harks back to the days when visible beauty of construction was just as important as quality of craftsmanship. When ordering StyleCraft™ New England wood shutters with beading, the top rail, mid rail, and bottom rail will be resized from 1 1/8" thickness to 7/8" thickness, causing the beading on each side to look slightly protruded from the rest of the shutter. This beautiful beaded shutter style is very uncommon today because it typically means putting much more labor into the shutter construction. However, we have devised a way to add this beautiful finishing touch to your shutters at no additional charge.

Alternatively, you may order your shutters with a completely flush look, giving them a more contemporary feel. When the cedar shutters are constructed without beading, they are built with a 1 1/8" thickness all the way around the frame.

Optional Top Caps

Metal shutter top caps paired with an all-weather caulking compound are the way to ensure you get the most out of your wooden shutter investment. Top caps for wood shutters ensure the most vulnerable part of the shutters - the end grain - is protected against moisture absorption, which can extend the lifespan of wood shutters by as much as 150% more than wooden shutters that are installed without top caps. Installing your wooden shutters with top caps is highly recommended.

Your choice of top cap for these quality wood shutters means you can order the right material for your environment - galvanized steel for coastal and other extreme conditions, or copper for historical correctness.

Shutter Horns

No New England collection of exterior shutters would be complete without the availability of 2" horns projecting from the bottom of the shutter side stiles. These horns are invaluable for restoring a historic home or simply adding the right look to a contemporary New England home. When ordering these wood shutters with horns, the 2" is added to the height measurement specified when ordering. For example, if you order 48" high shutters, they will actually be 50" in height, including the 2" horns.


We start by making the smallest impact we can on the environment - the wood for these exterior shutters is harvested from sustainably managed forests in the heart of California where two young trees are planted for every one that is removed.

The wood is milled and cut to size and then kiln dried for maximum dimensional stability. This ensures the cedar shutters you receive will not be prone to warping after they are installed on your house.

After you place your order, our experts hand select the wood from inventory. The wood shutter frame is built according to your size specifications. Each joint is fastened together using 2 dowels and then glued with exterior polyurethane glue. A 3 1/2" hot dipped screw is then inserted and countersunk into the shutter assembly. The hole where the screw was inserted is then plugged and sanded smooth.

The louvers and mid rail are cut to size and inserted into the wood shutter frame before final assembly. The end result is a durable shutter that can be mounted either decoratively or operably and will stand the test of time better than most wood shutters on the market. The cedar shutters are given a final sanding by hand and inspected carefully for flaws before being packaged and shipped.
Available Widths12" - 24" (1" increments)
Available Heights18" - 96" (1" increments)
Stile Width2" (may trim to 1 9/16")
Top Rail HeightVaries from 2 7/8" to 4"
Mid Rail Height
1 1/4" Louvers: 2 1/4"
1 3/4" Louvers: 3"
2 1/4" Louvers: 4 1/4"
Bottom Rail Height4 3/8" (may trim to 3 3/8")
Shutter Horn Height2" (may trim if needed)
Depth (Thickness)1 1/8"
Available Louver Sizes
1 1/4" x 1/4"
1 3/4" x 3/8"
2 1/4" x 3/8"
Louver Angle18° from vertical
JointsButt joints reinforced with dowels, screws, and polyurethane exterior glue
Mounting OptionsDecorative or fully functional
FinishPre-sanded unfinished wood
Paint RequiredPremium-grade exterior latex paint recommended
Primer RequiredOil-based primer recommended
Can be Stained?Yes
Available Materials
California Cedar 
California Cedar Shutters California cedar is one of the best materials to build exterior shutters with. With cedar's natural resins it naturally repels termites and other wood boring insects. Also, because cedar absorbs very little moisture, it resists rotting. California cedar is one of the finest materials to build exterior wood shutters from as it holds paint and stain well and has lower maintenance than any other species of wood.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I would like to make these wood shutters functional, but my window width and/or height requires a fractional inch measurement. Do you have custom wood shutter sizes available?
    No. However, since these shutters are made from natural wood, they may be trimmed to height and width using a standard table saw. The side stiles may be trimmed up to 7/16" and the bottom rail may be trimmed up to 1". Note that the top rail may not be trimmed and exceeding these limits will weaken the structure of the shutter. The optional top caps can be cut to width with a hacksaw.
  • When ordering these wooden house shutters with beading, how does the top cap fit being that the thickness of the stiles is different than the thickness of the top rail?
    The top cap will be the same size as if you are not ordering beading. However, there will be a slight gap of 1/8" on the front and back of the shutters at the center where the shutter is thinnest.
  • How can I make these exterior wood shutters decorative (non-functional)?
    We recommended that you do not mount wood shutters directly onto the surface of the house. You will need a slight gap between the house and the shutter to allow rain water to drain from behind the shutter. Use our direct mount kit for a proper decorative wood shutter installation.
  • Can you paint or stain these wood shutters for me?
    No. We recommend that wood shutters be finished after they have been pre-drilled for installation so they are completely protected from the elements. Because of this it is more advantageous to stain or paint wood shutters at the site where they are installed.
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Did You Know...
Exterior shutters were once an indication that the homeowner was too poor to afford glass windows. However, times have changed. When the Spanish colonized the Americas, they brought with them their own concepts of architecture including exterior window shutters. During the slave trade era window shutters changed drastically in form from the shanties in the Bahamas to the plantations in the South to townhouses in New England and became a status symbol for the wealthy. Today exterior shutters are still a common addition in affluent neighborhoods.
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StyleCraft New England Custom Louvered Wood Shutters - Classic Style w/Horns

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