J4 - 14" Mid-America Custom Board and Batten Vinyl Shutters - Joined Style

Mid America Joined Board-N-Batten Custom Vinyl Exterior Shutters Style J4
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Mid-America Siding Components
Price: $130.75  /  Pair
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* * * Custom Shutters may NOT be Returned * * *
* * * Board and Batten Shutters under 55" will have 2 Cross-Battens * * *
  • Made in USA  Board and Batten Shutters
  • The world's best-selling exterior shutters
  • "Joined" Board and Batten styling
  • Custom tailored to your specifications
  • 100% vinyl shutter construction
  • Molded-through color or paintable available
  • Textured wood-grain finish
  • Will not rot, crack, split, or mold
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy installation on any surface
  • Maintenance-free permanent installation
  • Lifetime limited transferable shutter warranty
  • Our most popular board and batten shutter design
  • No assembly required
  • Shutter mounting hardware included
Mid-America vinyl shutters are the world's most popular brand. And with so many colors, sizes, and styles available, it is no wonder why. Made from a weatherproof fade-resistant copolymer (a durable type of plastic rated for outdoor use), Mid-America vinyl shutters are built to stand the test of time and they are backed by a transferable lifetime warranty.

J4 style joined board and batten exterior shutters are our most popular custom board and batten style. They work best for windows that are 42 inches to 56 inches wide. Board and batten shutters give your home a cottage feel, but also work well on contemporary home designs. Custom built by hand, these exterior shutters are available in a wide range of sizes from 18" to 144" in height in 1/4" increments.

There are 16 pre-molded colors and one paintable type of polymer available, giving you a wide range of choices when it comes to color. You can match virtually any home's exterior trim. You also have a choice on which shutter mounting hardware to use - use patented Shutter-Loks for a quick permanent installation or decorative painted screws for a removable shutter installation. Adding our black plastic faux decorative shutter hinges to the job will give your vinyl shutters the perfect finishing touch.


Mid-America custom vinyl shutters are made from discrete injection-molded plastic parts. The parts are injection-molded in specific widths at the Mid-America central factory. We then cut to height and join the parts using factory-supplied ultrasonic welding equipment. The end result is a strong joint that won't come apart even under the most stringent weather conditions. Each shutter is then hand inspected to ensure high quality construction before it is shipped.
Depth (Thickness)
7/8" at the vertical boards
1 3/4" at the horizontal cross-battens
Vertical Board WidthApproximately 3 1/2"
Cross-Batten HeightApproximately 3 1/2"
CoreHollow (open back)
JointsUltrasonically fabricated vinyl
Mounting OptionsDecorative only (fixed open position)
Molded-through MaterialFade resistant vinyl (duraprene)
Paintable Material (color #030)Polypropylene (styrene)
Paint Required (color #030)Latex-based outdoor flat or semi-gloss
Primer Required (color #030)
Flat Paint: None
Semi-Gloss Paint: An inexpensive primer recommended

Available Colors

  • #030
  • #001
  • #002
  • #004
    Wedgewood Blue
  • #008
  • #009
    Federal Brown
  • #010
    Musket Brown
  • #018
    Tuxedo Grey
  • #023
  • #027
    Burgundy Red
  • #028
    Forest Green
  • #036
    Classic Blue
  • #078
  • #117
    Bright White
  • #122
    Midnight Green
  • #166
    Midnight Blue
  • #167
NOTE: Please do not rely on the colors that are displayed on the screen. To get an exact color match, we strongly recommend ordering a color sample before placing your order for exterior board and batten shutters.
If you would like to paint the shutters, order color #030 Paintable. None of the other Mid-America colored vinyl shutters are paintable and attempting to do so will void the product warranty.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the advantages of vinyl shutters over wood shutters?
    The color-through molded vinyl shutters are easy to install, easy to clean, do not warp, crack, fade, peel, split, or rot. Exterior vinyl shutters also provide better resilience than wood shutters under harsh conditions, such as near the ocean or in areas that receive heavy rainfall.
  • Do I have to assemble the board and batten shutters?
    When ordering from ShutterContractor.com, all of our exterior vinyl shutters come fully assembled and sonically welded. There is no assembly required. This is not true when ordering from many other exterior shutter outlets.
  • How do I remove the Shutter-Loks from the vinyl shutters once they are in place?
    Slide a chisel behind the shutter until it comes in contact with the Shutter-Lok. Make sure to keep the sharp edge of the chisel away from the wall. Give the chisel a sharp tap with a hammer and it will cut through the Shutter-Lok. After the shutter is removed, shear the remaining part of the Shutter-Lok flush with the surface and bore out the shank with a drill. Fill the hole with silicone to weatherproof. See our Vinyl Shutter Removal Instructions for additional information.
  • My exterior wall is uneven. How do I install my exterior vinyl shutters?
    You can use ferrules (a short cylindrical pipe) as standoffs to keep your vinyl shutters stable. Simply paint them, trim to size, and mount them behind your exterior shutters. Do not to put wood blocks behind the vinyl exterior shutters because they will rot fairly quickly.
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Did You Know...
Exterior shutters were once an indication that the homeowner was too poor to afford glass windows. However, times have changed. When the Spanish colonized the Americas, they brought with them their own concepts of architecture including exterior window shutters. During the slave trade era window shutters changed drastically in form from the shanties in the Bahamas to the plantations in the South to townhouses in New England and became a status symbol for the wealthy. Today exterior shutters are still a common addition in affluent neighborhoods.
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