Exterior Shutter Decorative Hinges

Our plastic decorative hook and hinge kit for exterior shutters actually looks better than metal decorative hardware. This kit will put the perfect finishing touch on your decorative exterior shutter installation.

Decrative S-Hook for External Shutters Decrotive New York Style Strap Hinges for Vinal Shutters
Decorative S-Hook Shutter Strap Hinges

The kit includes 4 hinges, 2 S-hooks (one right and one left), and 10 mounting screws. Order them with your exterior shutters and save $1.00 per set.

Installing your plastic decorative shutter hinges is a snap and the job only requires a drill and a screwdriver. There are guides on the back of the hinges to ensure they are lined up with the edge of your window shutters correctly.

Decorative hinges are the perfect way to complement your exterior shutters and can be used on any type of decorative shutter installation, whether they are vinyl shutters or wood shutters. They look great on louvered shutters, panel shutters, closed board and batten shutters (joined) or open board and batten shutters (spaced).

Outside Louvered Shutters with Decorative Hinges Installed Decoritive Outdoor Raised Panel Shutters with Shutter Strap Hinges and Faux Holdbacks Faux Tie Backs and Hinges on External Board and Batten Shutters Outside Spaced Board & Batten Shutters with Imitation Hinges
Louver Shutters w/Decorative Hinges Panel Shutters w/Decorative Hinges Closed Board & Batten Shutters w/Decorative Hinges Open Board & Batten Shutters w/Decorative Hinges