StyleCraft Southern Custom Louvered Wood Shutters - Traditional Style

Traditional Louvered Shutter Style
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StyleCraft Southern Collection
Price: $84.75  /  Pair
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* * * Custom Shutters may NOT be Returned * * *
  • Made in USA  Made in America
  • Suitable for decorative or operational use
  • The most popular style of exterior shutter
  • Wood harvested from sustainable managed forests
  • Factory priming available
  • "Open" louvered shutter styling
  • Optional faux tilt rod
  • Available top cap for maximum weather protection
  • Excellent for solar control
  • Authentic Southern styling
  • Choice of 4 different woods
  • Available in 1/8" height and width increments
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • 1 year limited warranty
The Southern Collection from StyleCraft™ is one of the few to offer customization for operational shutter use at an affordable price. The StyleCraft™ Southern Collection consists of economical custom wooden shutters and excellent workmanship for a long lasting, beautiful addition to your home.

The traditional style of louvered wood shutters from the StyleCraft™ Southern Collection is the most popular style of exterior louvered shutter. This 50/50 louvered design is built to be strong and provides the greatest resistance to racking in any fully functional shutter installation, particularly on larger shutters requiring 3 or more hinges.

Mounting hardware not included.
Center Mid Rail
The traditional style shutter is designed with the historical authenticity of the previous era and is still the most popular configuration of exterior shutter. The mid rail is placed as close to the center of the shutter as possible, with the same number of louvers on the top and the bottom. If you should happen to order a shutter size that requires an odd number of louvers, the extra louver will be placed in the bottom section. Note that the varying heights of the top rail, bottom rail, and/or louvers mean that the mid rail won't necessarily be placed at exactly 50% of the total shutter height.

Shutter Finish

You have your choice of shutter finish to suit your preference for priming, painting, or staining.

Choose unprimed paint grade if you want control over the type of primer that is applied to your exterior wood shutters. Primed paint grade is also available, and saves you a step in the painting process. We recommend our factory priming if you choose to paint your shutters because the priming is applied before the shutters are assembled, which means they will be completely protected from the elements. The stain grade wood shutters come without a finish and they are completely knot free - perfect to display the wood grain in a stained shutter application.

Optional Faux Tilt Rod

Tilt rods were once a common way to ensure that operable louvers could be opened and closed in harmony. While these wooden louvers don't actually operate, adding a tilt rod to your exterior shutters is still a way to add a bit of historical authenticity and personal style to your windows.

With the traditional style design you have 3 options for a faux tilt rod. You can choose to put the faux tilt rod only on the top louvers, only on the bottom louvers, or both on the top and bottom louvers. This gives you the opportunity to choose the right look for the exterior shutters on your home.

Optional Top Caps

Galvanized shutter top caps paired with an all-weather caulking compound are the way to ensure you get the most out of your wooden shutter investment. Top caps for wood shutters ensure the most vulnerable part of the shutter - the end grain - is protected against moisture absorption, which can extend the lifespan of a wood shutter by as much as 150% more than wooden shutters that are installed without top caps. Installing your wooden shutters with top caps is highly recommended.


Being environmentally conscious, the wood for these shutters is carefully selected from sustainably managed forests. Wood is one of the few renewable resources on the planet and using it for building materials is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment.

After you place your order, our expert craftsmen hand select the wood from inventory. The wood shutter frame is built according to your exact size specifications. Each joint is fastened together using 2 dowels and then glued with exterior polyurethane glue. A 3 1/2" hot dipped screw is then inserted and countersunk into the shutter assembly. The hole where the screw was inserted is then plugged and sanded smooth.

The louvers and mid rail are cut to size and inserted into the wood shutter frame before final assembly. The end result is a durable wooden shutter that can be mounted either decoratively or operationally, even when ordering a soft wood like pine. The outdoor wood shutters are manually inspected before being packaged and shipped.
Available Widths10" - 30" (1/8" increments)
Available Heights15" - 120" (1/8" increments)
Stile Width2 1/8"
Top Rail Height3 1/2"
Mid Rail Height3 1/2"
Bottom Rail HeightVaries from 3" to 5 1/2"
Depth (Thickness)1"
Louver Size1 3/4" × 1/4"
Louver Angle17° from vertical
JointsButt joints reinforced with dowels, screws, and polyurethane exterior glue
Mounting OptionsDecorative or fully functional
FinishChoice of unfinished paint grade, primed paint grade, or stain grade wood
Paint RequiredPremium-grade exterior latex paint recommended
Primer RequiredOil-based primer recommended
Can be Stained?Yes; select stain grade wood finish
Available Materials
Southern Yellow Pine 
Southern Yellow Pine Shutters Pine is a soft and lightweight wood that is often used as a cheap alternative to more durable woods in exterior shutter construction. However, Southern Yellow Pine is more durable and combining this wood with dowel and screw reinforced butt joints makes a pine wood shutter that is strong enough to be used with operational hardware. Southern Yellow Pine is our most economical option for putting either decorative or functional wood exterior shutters on your home.
Red Grandis 
Red Grandis Shutters As a moderate hardwood, Red Grandis is an FSC-certified green and economical alternative to Mahogany. It is an excellent choice for indoor flooring, cabinetry, moldings, decking, and exterior siding and trim, including exterior shutters. Red Grandis varies in color from pink to white cream to light rose, but finishes well whether painted or stained. Red Grandis exterior shutters are an excellent addition to virtually any home.
Incense Cedar 
Incense Cedar Shutters Incense Cedar contains high resins that make it resistant to termites and other wood boring insects, which makes it a popular choice among boat builders as well as for long term storage chests. With cedar's medium hardness, it is an excellent wood to work with. Cedar is also resistant to moisture, which makes it an ideal building material for wood exterior shutters.
Sapele Mahogany 
Sapele Mahogany Shutters Sapele Mahogany has a generally straight grain, is free of knots, and was once a favorite building material for fine furniture and in boat construction. Being that mahogany is a true hardwood, it makes an excellent wood for outdoor shutters - especially when being stained. Sapele Mahogany naturally has a reddish-brown color which darkens over time and has excellent workability properties. Most importantly mahogany resists wood rot, which is why Sapele Mahogany exterior shutters last longer than virtually any other wood.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I make these exterior wooden shutters decorative (non-functional)?
    We recommended that you do not mount wood shutters directly onto the surface of the house. You will need a slight gap between the house and the shutter to allow rain water to drain from behind the shutter. Use our direct mount kit for a proper decorative wood shutter installation.
  • Can you paint or stain these wood shutters for me?
    No. We recommend that wood shutters be finished after they have been pre-drilled for installation so they are completely protected from the elements. Because of this it is more advantageous to stain or paint wood shutters at the site where they are installed.
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Did You Know...
In 17th century Scandinavia, sailor's wives painted the exterior shutters on their homes red as a signal to other sailors indicating their husband was out to sea.
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