Glossary of Common Exterior Shutter Terminology E-L

We know that the options out there for exterior shutters are many and sometimes they can be confusing, especially with different terms about exterior shutters being used in different regions. Plastic shutters or vinyl shutters? Island shutters or Bahama shutters? To help you make some sense of it all, we have provided this glossary of common exterior shutter terminology. However if you still have a question, feel free to contact us for assistance.
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eighth round See elliptical top shutters.
elliptical top shutters A shutter that has a top with 12 ½% of a full round shape. e.g., a 14" wide shutter would have a high side that is 7" higher than the low side. Modern usage is generally close to 12 ½% but depends on how your window manufacturer built the window.
exterior shutters Shutters that are installed on the outside of a house or other structure. There are both operable and decorative types.
exterior vinyl shutters See vinyl shutters.
external shutters See exterior shutters.
faux hardware A kit of parts commonly made of plastic that gives an exterior shutter the appearance of having been mounted with real hardware.
faux louvered shutters Exterior window shutters that are constructed to look like fixed louver shutters. The louvered part of the shutter is made from a solid section made to look like louvers that does not actually let light or air pass through. These exterior shutters are typically mounted as decorative shutters.
faux shutters See decorative shutters.
faux tilt rod Non-functioning tilt rod, usually used on decorative exterior shutters to enhance their appearance.
faux wood shutters Shutters that are made to look like wood shutters but are made of a different material. Some examples are vinyl shutters, composite shutters, and fiberglass shutters. Faux wood shutters are often made with a wood grain finish to make them more closely resemble wood shutters.
fiberglass shutters Shutters that are constructed with pultruded fiberglass shapes for the stiles and the louvers that are renowned for their exceptional strength and durability. Fiberglass shutters are typically installed on high-end homes and are considered the upper end of the exterior shutter industry.
fixed louver Louver that does not move. Usually decorative exterior shutters are constructed with this type of louver.
flat panel An inset piece between the stiles and rails that has no shaping, or outset.
flat panel shutters Window shutters that are constructed with a flat inset panel inside of the stiles and rails.
functional louvers See operable louvers.
functional shutters See operable shutters.
functioning shutters See operable shutters.
half round Semicircular in cross section. Usually applicable to moldings that go on top of windows and doors, and sometimes the window itself.
half round shutters Shutters that are constructed with a semicircular top section. These exterior shutters are typically made to close over small half round windows.
holdbacks Spring mounted lag bolts with a moveable head used to hold a shutter in the open position. The swivel handle is usually decorated in the shape of an S, rattail, propeller, shells, or other theme.
island shutters See Bahama shutters.
joinery A craftsman trade typically associated with cabinet making, also applies in the construction of exterior shutters.
lag bolt A heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench.
leaf A single shutter or ½ of the pair. Often referred to as a panel.
louver The individual horizontal slats that are angled for solar or weather control, but are also used on decorative shutters.
louver shutters Shutters that are constructed with a frame and angled slats that can control the amount of light that passes through them. Louver style is also commonly used for decorative shutters. Louver shutters are sometimes referred to as slat shutters. Note that the British spelling of the term is louvre shutters.
louvered shutters See louver shutters.
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