Shutter Material

Select the type of wood you would like your sample exterior shutters made from.

Note that the type of wood you choose will determine the thickness of the shutters and also some other dimensions. See the product specifications for details.

Southern Yellow Pine Species: Pinus Palustris
Southern Yellow Pine Shutters Native to the Southeastern United States, Southern Yellow Pine is a soft and lightweight building material. Because pine is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with, it is now the most popular wood for exterior shutter manufacturing. Most pine wood shutters are purely for decorative purposes, but combined with our dowel and screw joinery construction these pine shutters are suitable for mounting on functional shutter hinges.
Incense Cedar Species: Calocedrus
Cedar Shutters Incense Cedar contains high resins that make it resistant to termites and other wood boring insects, which makes it a popular choice among boat builders as well as for long term storage chests. With cedar's medium hardness, it is an excellent wood to work with. Cedar is also resistant to moisture, which makes it an ideal building material for wood exterior shutters.