Number of Boards

Select the number of vertical boards that you would like the shutters to be built with.

It is usually best to use the same number of boards as much as possible for all of the windows on your home. However, some homes may have very large or very small windows that require you to choose more or fewer boards than the rest of the house. In those cases you must make exceptions to this rule.

Joined board and batten shutters can be made with a minimum of 2 vertical boards and a maximum of 7 vertical boards.

Note that the number of boards that you can choose is dependant on the width of the shutters that you choose. The board width is variable depending on your shutter width and the number of boards. The minimum board width is 4 inches and the maximum board width is 7½ inches.

The valid number of board options will be shown in the dropdown in black and invalid options will be shown in red. If you attempt to add an invalid width and board width combination to the shopping cart, you will get an error message indicating the valid number of board values that you can choose for your shutter width.