Shutter Mid Rail Position

Outdoor Shutter Mid Rail Position
Enter the measurement from the top of the shutter to the top of where you would like the mid rail.

The mid rail of the vinyl shutters may be built at nearly any vertical position within the rails. If you are unsure where you would like your mid rails, we recommend that you use our mid rail calculator and set it to the typical configuration of 33%.

You may also use the dropdown selector to choose any increment to the nearest inch. This is useful if you would like to position the mid rail of your vinyl shutters so they line up with the position of your window mid rail or other point of reference.

Note that the maximum value that can be entered is 9 inches less than the height of the outdoor vinyl shutters. Also, please be aware that if you change the shutter width or shutter height, you will need to adjust the mid rail position. The mid rail position must not be greater than 57 inches away from the bottom of the shutter. For example, on an 80 inch raised panel shutter, the mid rail position must be at least 23 inches from the top of the shutter (80 - 57 = 23).

Shutter Divider Rail Dropdown Illustration
Exterior Shutter Calculator for Divider Rail Position
Mid Rail Dropdown Mid Rail Calculator

Using The Mid Rail Calculator
You can use the shutter mid rail calculator to make your vinyl shutters all appear uniform even if you are ordering completely different sizes. Once you decide on a percentage to enter, it is usually best to enter the same percentage for all of your outdoor shutters.

You can order the vinyl shutters to built with the mid rail at 25%, 33%, 40%, 60%, 66%, or 75% of the inside height of the shutter (excluding the top rail and bottom rail). Simply drag your mouse over the calculator, make the appropriate selection, and press the calculate button. Most customers order their vinyl shutters at 33%.