Vinyl Shutter Mounting Hardware

Mastic exterior vinyl shutters can be mounted with screws that are painted to match your window shutters or with Shutterplugs. Both types of hardware are included with each pair of Mastic exterior shutters. The type of hardware you use depends primarily on the surface you are mounting to.

Shutterplug Shutter Installation

Exterior Vinyl Shutters Shown with Shutter-Loks External Shutters with Shutter-Loks
Vinyl Shutters Mounted With Shutterplugs

Mastic Shutterplugs are designed to make installation easy. They can be mounted on virtually any surface with no anchors and the installation is permanent. Shutterplugs are all-in-one mounting hardware that work as a combination anchor and decorative fastener. When installed, they look like buttons on your exterior shutters - a nice added touch. The fasteners are pre-molded to match the same color as the exterior shutters and they are paintable just like Mastic shutters.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to use Shutterplugs to install your vinyl shutters when the surface will require you to use anchors, such as with brick or faux stone. However, since they will work with any surface they can be used to simplify any window shutter installation.

Painted Screw Shutter Installation

Outdoor Shutters with Painted Shutter Screws Outside Shutters Installed with Screws
Vinyl Shutters Mounted With Painted Screws

Painted steel screws are typically used by home improvement contractors for a quick installation. The screws are painted to match the vinyl shutters. Using painted screws provides you with a removable installation and you end up with a smaller piece protruding from the vinyl shutter surface.

Painted screws work best for exterior shutter installations on siding or wood as anchors will be required for some other surfaces.