Exterior Shutter Width

Width for Vinal Louvered Shutters
IMPORTANT: The actual width for vinyl shutters may be slightly larger or slightly smaller than the width you choose, and will vary from one color to the next. These are normal variations due to the vinyl shutter manufacturing process. If the space is limited where you are installing your vinyl shutters, please contact us before placing your order so we can give you a precise width measurement.

Most people install double-wide shutters on their home either because they like the style or they would prefer to make their decorative shutters look like they will close over the window. We recommend ordering double-wide vinyl shutters that are between 33% and 50% of the width of your windows for the best fit. Refer to the chart below for assistance with the proper size for your home.

Keep in mind that vinyl shutters are for decorative purposes only, so it is not as important to get an exact width as it is to get an exact height. However, you should ensure the size that you order does not exceed 50% of the window width or the exterior shutters will look overbearing.

Width of your windows Recommended shutter width
40" to 50" 20¼"
51" to 60" 20¼" or 25½"
61" to 76" 25½" or 29½"
76" or wider 31"