1/2 Pair of Shutters

Exterior window shutters are typically sold in pairs. Each half of the pair is called a "leaf". This option allows you to order a single leaf instead of a full pair of exterior shutters.

There are several variations in the way homes are constructed. As such, it is not always feasible to put a full pair of exterior shutters on a window. There are many reasons for this, mostly because of some obstruction or because the window is too close to the corner of the exterior wall.

Then again, it usually doesn't make sense to decorate some of the windows but not all of them with exterior shutters. That is why we provide the option of ordering 1/2 of a pair in these cases. This way you won't have to buy and then throw out an extra shutter leaf.

Half Pair of Outside Shutters Solves Many Shutter Installation Issues
Exterior Shutters Mounted With 1 1/2 Pairs

To order 1/2 pair, choose either the "left panel" or "right panel" option and enter a quantity of 1 before adding it to your cart. We are referring to "left panel" and "right panel" with the assumption that you will be installing the exterior vinyl shutter leaf with the short side next to the window (refer to the diagram). Please note that half pairs of outdoor shutters may only be added to the cart one at a time.
Half Pair of Outdoor Shutters
Style J4A Vinyl Shutters Mounted with Short Side to Window